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The Slop Bucket – 21st Century or back to the Roman Empire??

In Drink & Food, General Life on July 4, 2011 at 5:00 pm

So lets dive right into this a good idea or bad? Well I think its a great idea I`ve been using what they call a Slop Bucket for about 2 years in my house hold where any scraps are put in a separate bin.

Critics are saying it is un-hygienic and will be smelly. There will be problem for place like high -rise buildings. Being able to store all this wasted food. I on the other hand think they don’t smell at all and all that waste would be picked up once a week. This will help in separation of waste for recycling. It will help families to see how much food they waste in an ever more demanding world.
Every  year 18 million tonnes of edible food end up in landfill.
• Approx 1/3 from producers/ supply chain, 1/3 from retail and 1/3 from households
• Annual value: £23 BILLION [and rising rapidly due to soaring prices]
• Massive environmental damage and landfill costs to dispose
• Many people, groups and families on low incomes/ poverty unable to afford “healthy” foods [and rising rapidly due to soaring prices/ fuel costs etc]
•  “Food Poverty” and widespread poor health resulting – contributing dually in mal-nutrition and obesity levels
• Disposal costs to business passed on to consumers in higher prices, landfill costs in local taxes – less income
With people out there surviving on a loaf a bread a week, and  we are throwing away tons upon tons of good food, it will hopefully open people eyes. We are  a spoilt nation its time we started saving our waste. This is a good move by the government.

In my experience I have never had a problem with my food waste bin never smells or attracts rodents and such and I empty it every week or so. People say it un-hygienic well it will only become that if you don’t often change the bin liner or wash the bin, hell it doesn’t even need to be a big industrial bin.
What does interest me though is how they will look? How will the government pay for them or do we have to provide them our-selves?
What do you think what your view on this government move?

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